Chef John Kinsella, RIP

I’ve lost two of my most significant Chef-mentors in the last 7 months. Chef Jean-Robert de Cavel in December 2022, and Chef John Kinsella, CMC earlier this week.

Chef Kinsella was the force that shaped me from a newbie into a culinarian. His stern-but-mean-but-compassionate-and-angry leadership style toughened us up. Chef Kinsella introduced me to butchery, charcuterie, and garde manger, which are still areas of specific interest to me. Chef K was rarely without a glass of something in his hand, as the attached picture shows. He was a great teacher who could be a real SOB, but a great teacher.

Chef Jean-Robert took me from a newbie cook (full of enthusiasm but ignorant to the ways of the culinary world) to a Chef, proper. JR trained me in the French tradition of food preparation, menu development, hospitality, and management. His stern-but-mean-but-compassionate leadership style forged me into who I am today culinary-wise.

These two giants leave massive emptiness here. I hope that my culinary work is testament to their legacy. We’re all heartbroken, but as Chef Jean-Robert would say, “Allez, donkey! We’ve got people to feed…

RIP, Chefs.

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