Introducing Toast & Truffle!

Introducing Toast & Truffle!

Wendy & I have added two new inmates to the asylum.

Meet Toast and Truffle! They’re litter-mates and were born May 28, 2023 or thereabouts. Toast is the Siamiese-looking male, and Truffle is the female void-cat. My friend Abby helped come up with Toast’s name — and Toast & Truffle share a birthday(-ish) with Abby!

They were part of a litter of four, two of whom were born completely normally.

And then there are these two…

Due to a genetic problem, Toast & Truffle were born without fibulae (the smaller of the two bones between the knee and ankle). They also have only three toes per back foot. They’re seal cats.

Wendy & I drove to Indy to meet a veterinarian who rescued them in Chicago. Our original intention was to keep only one of them and re-home the other, but we discovered that they’re very bonded to each other, so we decided to keep them both.

They move really well and are learning to navigate stairs. The other cats are completely non-threatened by them, so it’s been a pretty smooth integration.

Welcome Truffle and Toast!

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