Under the Tusken Sun

Under the Tusken Sun

Hello, and welcome, Halcyon Family! (don’t miss bonus video below!)

Thanks for checking out Under the Tusken Sun, the hot new fantasy romance by Sienna Starfall published by Spicy Bantha Publishing.

Enjoy the first chapter here, and may the stars light your way!

To see real books, click here to go to WendyVogelBooks.COM. Or click here to go to AllisonRookRomance.COM.

To reach Wendy, email her at drwendyvogel@gmail.com, especially if you’re cast, crew, or guests on our journeys — she’d love to hear from you. (For that matter, you can reach Chef Andrew at drew@drewvogel.com, too!)

Crew Bailey asked for a link to the video Wendy showed on our FIRST visit to the Halcyon (when Wendy was running a Dwarf Bantha Rescue)… Here it is… Enjoy! (Turn up your audio!)

(If you don’t hear any audio, you may need to download the video by clicking the vertical “…” at the bottom-right of the video and selecting ‘download’.)

Thank you for watching the video, during which you’ve been retinal-scanned, connected to your bank accounts, and your ongoing contribution to the Canto Bight Dwarf Bantha Rescue is accepted and appreciated! 😉

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