IronHorseLogoRecently, The Iron Horse Inn started offering Sunday brunch, from 10a-3p (reservations encouraged but not required). Wendy and I stopped by last Sunday and really enjoyed the selections from Chef Jackson Rouse and crew.

They have a varied brunch menu, including a quiche of the day (last time, it was Fontina, caramelized onion, and mushrooms, and was really tasty). I was really tempted by the Hot Brown (with optional fried egg), but I’ll get that the next time we brunch!

Wendy had a frittata and a side of their wonderful lobster cheese grits. I had a side of amazingly tasty Sage Sausage (made in-house).

The weather was just pleasant enough for us to sit outside on the Horse’s lovely little patio. During brunch, a few trains went by, reminding us of how the Iron Horse got its name. It was a great day to eat outside, and new Front-of-House Manager Bruce made us feel very welcome.

The brunch menu is available on the restaurant’s website, here.

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