Jean-Robert at Pigall's closes, 2-28-2009

Still processing my thoughts from working at the restaurant last night (February 28, 2009) — the last night of Jean-Robert at Pigall’s — and helping the restaurant to close forever. It was an emotional night — from the overwhelming gravity of the situation that this is our last night, to unexpected surprises (like former-employee Raymond showing up (from Washington DC) to help out the last night), to the after-party (wake?).

Check out this page on the Cincinnati.COM site — also see the photo gallery attached to that article — there are lots of great photos (including one of Chef & me) from the evening.

I’ve got some photos on my camera and many thoughts in my head. I will post both very soon.

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  • I can imagine that it was a hard night for everyone. The picture of you and Jean-Robert, though, is priceless. I’m sure you helped to keep his spirits up.

    I’ll be interested to read your post once you’ve gotten your thoughts sorted out.

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