CULINARY: Another night at Pigall's

After working a full day at UC, I headed down to Jean-Robert at Pigall’s to help prepare a special dinner (the restaurant is usually closed on Mondays) for 60 members of a wine club.

When I arrived around 5:15, the kitchen was in full swing. Jeremy, Rob (who left for class around 6:00), Mike, Richard, Luke, Raymond, and Karen were well into their mise en place and I was immediately put to work plating a duck salad hors d’oeuvre, a one-bite item on the end of silver spoons. Once that was complete, I worked on a tuna salad with melon on toast hors d’oeuvre. There were other hors d’oeuvres, too, including a very tasty sweetbread wonton.

Once hors d’oeuvres were sent, we worked on the rest of the banquet-style multi-course meal and I assisted with plating, cleanup, and fine-dicing shallots (I diced up a LOAD of them). I don’t have a listing of the complete menu to share, but if I can find one, I’ll post it.

I left the kitchen around 10:00, tired and sore, but glad to help.

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