DINNER 224: Saturday, August 12, 2006

I worked at Jean-Robert at Pigall’s today, from 1:30pm until about 10:30pm. During that time, I worked prep in the main kitchen doing things like preparing an amuse bouche of steamed asparagus and goat cheese wrapped in puff pastry. This will be baked, sliced, and served to the guests with other items. I also made a bunch of lamb ravioli; piperade; and tomato concasse. The latter we put into potato cups, topped with half a snail, and a dot of herbed butter.

I joined the kitchen staff in ‘family meal’ of Asian-style beef, vegetables, and rice for dinner.
After prep, I moved upstairs to work with Emily on ‘the party’, a wedding party for approximately 36 guests. We were never sure on the number, because a specific number were on the reservation, some number were sick, some number were vegetarians, and at least one was a child. All of those factors enter in when determining how many plates to send out. But we managed. Hot hor’dourves were passed — the snails mentioned above, some vegetarian quiche, and duck confit with melon salad (served on a spoon). The amuse bouce for the party was a ringed fish salad with a roulade. The first course was crab, avocado, and the piperade in a ring-molded salad. The second course was a sea bass, and the main course was beautiful roasted duck atop vegetables and rice. All followed by a lovely papaya mousse cake that Karen made. Emily and I handled the party pretty well, I think.

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