DINNER 225: Sunday, August 13, 2006

Today, Wendy & I ran some errands — getting new luggage for our upcoming trip to Mexico, buying another bookcase to load with books (mostly culinary books and cooking magazines. When we bought the bookcase, Wendy made me promise that she could have one shelf before I filled it!), and a bit of grocery shopping — before we headed to the nearby Ford plant to watch the local sports car club’s Autocross event.

Parnell, a friend of ours, was racing in the event and invited us to attend as spectators. We saw loads of cars — I happily noted lots of Miatas (they did very well overall) — and watched lots of races. Parnell’s Mustang Cobra GT did nicely as well.
After baking ourselves in the parking lot, Wendy & I met up with Dave & Robin to see NIGHT LISTENER at the local multiplex. It was an …okay… movie. The performances were okay, the story was okay, and the ending was, well, less than satisfying. But it was nice spending time with Robin & Dave.
Wendy & I came home and we peeled a bunch of carrots (and had a knife skills lesson, too) and made a simple carrot soup for dinner.

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