CULINARY: My eleventh night at Pigall's


On Saturday, January 7, 2006, I worked at Pigall’s for my eleventh night. I arrived around 1:00pm, washed up, and quickly got to work. Robbie had me cutting up wild boar and duck meat on the slicer (which I first had to clean and sanitize). Once that was done, I found that Jeremy had set two bowls of vegetables on my station — small brussell sprouts and pearl onions. Both needed peeling, so I set to it. While finishing that job, John asked if I’d pick over some spinach for him, which I did. Finding myself with a small amount of time left (I could stay only through prep since we had plans that evening), I knocked out 44 foie gras-mushroom-mango ravioli before calling it a day and heading home, around 5:00pm. 

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