DINNER 6: Friday, January 6, 2006

Tonight was a busy night and a lot of fun.

After a full work day, I headed to a local tavern called Holy Grail where I was meeting my old boss (he just retired), two colleagues, and their spouses for drinks. Because I got there an hour before everyone else, I worked on some notes for the show I’ll be directing soon (DINNER WITH FRIENDS at Falcon Theater) and enjoyed some Reuben Eggrolls.

When everyone else arrived, I stowed my work and enjoyed hanging out with these kind folks. Around 7:00, we headed up to Martino’s to participate in the college‘s charity auction. I was able to stay only an hour before heading over to meet my wife and our friends for a wonderful dinner at Ambar India. Wendy had Saag Paneer — creamy spinach with cubes of unmeltable cheese, and I had Chicken Tikki Masala. From there, we all headed to the Esquire to catch a screening of BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN.


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