HAPPY MOUTH — September 2002

The September meeting of the Happy Mouth Supper Club was on Thursday, September 12, 2002. It was Wendy’s month to pick, and we dined at an Indian restaurant called Taj Mahal in Forest Park.

At least a few members of the club had never had Indian food before, and everyone was very impressed with the cuisine. Because Taj Mahal does not yet sell alcohol, they gave us permission to ‘brown bag’ and bring our own, so there were several bottles of good wine to accompany dinner. 

Everyone had a good time — those present were Ted, Tracy, John, Holly, Ed, Wendy W., Jay, and Andrew. Jay brought Rhea as his guest.

Also, during dinner, we decided on an official motto for the Club. It is “Wretched Excess!”. We think it fits the tone of the group.

October is my month to plan, and we selected a date and a restaurant. Expect more details later!

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