HAPPY MOUTH — August 2002

On Wednesday, August 14, 2002, the Happy Mouth Supper Club met at GRAND FINALE in Glendale.

It was a great time for the eight of us that made it to the meeting… Holly, Ed, Andrew, Wendy, Ted, Tracy, Jay, and John.

We enjoyed scrumptious appetizers like Ahi Tuna, exceptional entrees like Lobster Linguine, Crabmeat Crepes, and other great dishes.

However, when you’re going to Grand Finale, it’s important to save room for their desserts! They’re simply amazing. Generously portioned, the desserts excell on every front. We enjoyed the Apple Crisp, a mountainous Chocolate Cordial Pie that was awesome, a fresh berry mousse, and much more.

It was an enjoyable, waistline-expanding night out!

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