Everything you ever wanted to know about members of HAPPY MOUTH!

You’ve wanted to know, so we found out. We polled several of the members of THE HAPPY MOUTH SUPPER CLUB to find out their preferences on several very important issues so that you could get to know them a bit better. Their answers are below. Read on!


* What time do you wake up in the morning?
Wendy W.: Wakes at 8:00am.
Andrew: Wakes at 6:30am. Up by 6:45am.
Jay: Wakes at 5:30am. Up by 6:00am.
Ted: Wakes at 6:00am. 8:00am if he’s being lazy
Holly: Wakes at 6:15am.
Kristy: Wakes at 5:45am. Up by 7:00am! (she loves to snooze)
John: Wakes at 6:00am.
Tracy: Wakes at 5:40am.
Ed: Wakes at 6:15am.


* If you could eat lunch with one famous person who would it be?
Wendy W.: Actor Arnold Vosloo (guess who is lunch!)
Andrew: Living: Masaharu Morimoto. Dead: Shakespeare
Jay: Living: Paul McCartney. Dead: Ingrid Bergman
Ted: Kenneth Branagh
Holly: Tom Hanks
Kristy: Tom Hanks
John: Stephen Sondheim
Tracy: Living: Catherine Hepburn. Dead: Elvis Presley
Ed: Anna Nicole Smith (but only to bitch-slap her!)


* Gold or Silver?
Wendy W.: Gold. And diamonds.
Andrew: Silver
Jay: Silver
Ted: Gold
Holly: Silver for jewelry, gold for money
Kristy: Silver
John: Gold, if forced to choose between these two.
Tracy: Gold (pretty jewlery comes in gold!)
Ed: Silver


* Favorite TV shows:
Wendy W.: Current: Fear Factor, Temptation Island. All time: American Gothic, Picket Fences
Andrew: Iron Chef, Temptation Island (it’s bootylicious), Fear Factor(y).
Jay: Current: Friends. All time: Dick Van Dyke Show, Carol Burnett, Mary Tyler Moore, Taxi, Cheers, WKRP, Rockford Files, Columbo
Ted: NYPD Blue, Boston Public, The Sopranos
Holly: M*A*S*H, X-Files, Whose Line is it Anyway?, Iron Chef, Trading Spaces
Kristy: Andy Griffith Show
John: Seinfeld, West Wing, Boston Public, South Park, Friends
Tracy: Boston Public, Iron Chef, Power Puff Girls.
Ed: X-Men, M*A*S*H, Charmed (eye candy!), Buffy, WWE/WWF, Three Stooges


* What’s for breakfast?
Wendy W.: SlimCrap
Andrew: Breakfast of champions: Mt. Dew & doughnuts
Jay: Coffee, coffee, coffee.
Ted: Fruit, Granola, and protein shake. Sometimes cereal.
Holly: Toaster Strudel
Kristy: Strawberry Pop-Tart with a little butter on top, tall cold glass of milk.
John: Whole wheat cereal with raisins, protein powder & skim milk, banana, and vitamins.
Tracy: SlimCrap. Fruit, toast, eggs on weekends.
Ed: Too much coffee.


* Can you touch your nose with your tongue?
Wendy W.: No, but she bets she could with Arnold Vosloo’s.
Andrew: Yes, and he can touch YOUR nose with his tongue.
Jay: Yes, with the proper motivation.
Ted: No. But it’s a longer trip to the tip of Ted’s nose than most.
Holly: Nope.
Kristy: No. She cannot curl her tongue, either. What does that say about her?
John: No.
Tracy: Not a chance, and why would she want to?
Ed: No. He cannot drive an eight inch spike through his penis with a 2X4, either.


* Who/what inspires you?
Wendy W.: Her failures. When she fails, someone dies.
Andrew: His own personal desire to be better than you.
Jay: His desire to be productive, happy, free, and safe.
Ted: Artistic vision.
Holly: Her husband, daughter, and her faith.
Kristy: Her mom & Chuck. Both teach her new things every day.
John: Great friends, a new life, great health, good job, and cheesecake.
Tracy: Close friends, her children, and art across many forms
Ed: Wife, daughter, anything Cleveland, and busty Hooter’s waitresses.


* Don’t leave me in a room with:
Wendy W.: Big hairy spiders!
Andrew: My ex-wife!
Jay: A giant bag of Peruvian Killer Man Eating Tarantulas
Ted: Snakes.
Holly: A TV showing nothing but sports.
Kristy: A rodent of any variety
John: A TV showing nothing but Sound of Music & South Pacific.
Tracy: Snakes, and some nameless people (same thing, really!)
Ed: H. or B. Clinton, or any other liberal snakes who crawled up from Arkansas!


* Your middle name?
Wendy W.: Anne
Andrew: Phillip
Jay: Dallas (but you knew that!)
Ted: Jay
Holly: Doesn’t have one! Her parents decided they were a waste of time.
Kristy: Lynn
John: Alvin
Tracy: Marie, after her grandmother
Ed: Stanley


* Beach or city?
Wendy W.: Beach
Andrew: Beach
Jay: Beach
Ted: Beach
Holly: Beach
Kristy: Beach
John: City
Tracy: Beach, but sometimes the city is better (ie: Chicago, San Francisco, Las Vegas)
Ed: City (until he’s 70, when he’ll become one of those annoying ancients who move to Florida)


* Favorite Ice Cream
Wendy W.: Dreamery anything
Andrew: Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia
Jay: Graeter’s Sorbets
Ted: Graeter’s Black Raspberry Chip
Holly: Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food and Graeter’s Black Raspberry Chip
Kristy: Raspberry Sorbet!
John: Graeter’s Black Raspberry Chip and Moosetracks
Tracy: Graeter’s Black Raspberry Chip, and any chocolate flavor EXCEPT chocolate/vanilla swirl.
Ed: When is Ice Cream not a favorite?


* Popcorn: buttered, plain, or salted?
Wendy W.: Buttered & salted
Andrew: Salted, with fresh parmesian on top
Jay: Butter me up, baby!
Ted: Buttered
Holly: Buttered & salted
Kristy: Buttered & salted (but she really likes Orville Sweet & Buttery)
John: Lightly buttered
Tracy: Lightly buttered & salted
Ed: Buttered & salted


* Favorite color?
Wendy W.: Blue
Andrew: Puce. Is that a problem?
Jay: Black
Ted: On a car, blue. On clothes, black. On a football team, Green Bay.
Holly: Red
Kristy: Orange
John: Earth tones (like Sage)
Tracy: Black
Ed: Black or blue


* How many keys on your keyring?
Wendy W.: 6 or 8. Only knows what two of them are for.
Andrew: 8. Two to house, three to work, one for Miata, one for parent’s old house, and MAYBE a condo key?
Jay: 7 for home, work, etc. And a screwdriver. Plus another keyring for the car key.
Ted: 8. One for apartment, opne for mailbox, one for bike lock, two for car, then another set for Falcon.
Holly: Dunno.
Kristy: Dunno. Some are, she’s certain, from 10 years ago.
John: Too many.
Tracy: Car set: 3. House set: 6.
Ed: Four, counting his FOB.


* Favorite sandwich fillings?
Wendy W.: Peanut butter, turkey, tomatoes (not all in the same sandwich!)
Andrew: Turkey, cheese, hard-boiled eggs, cash. Not all at once, though.
Jay: The post-Thanksgiving leftover sandwich: Turkey, dressing, black olives, pickles, mayo on toast.
Ted: Lean corned beef, really good mustard, and a little swiss cheese.
Holly: Subway’s cold-cut trio or meatball sub.
Kristy: Turkey, mayo, and cranberry sauce
John: Quizno’s Sierra Turkey
Tracy: Chicken or tuna salad, hummus, lots of cheese
Ed: Roast beef & swiss, with horseradish


* Can you juggle? If yes, how many?
Wendy W.: Yes, roundish things only. Three.
Andrew: Yes. Two to three. I can only juggle lobes of fresh foie gras.
Jay: Balls? Three max, plus the two he’s normally carrying.
Ted: 9 as long as there are three tennis balls in each of three cans. If not, then 4 is his limit.
Holly: Sure! Three part time jobs, motherhood, and marriage!
Kristy: No. And she’s really mad about it.
John: No. Not really.
Tracy: Family, job, children’s activities, theatre, etc.
Ed: No.


* Red wine or white wine?
Wendy W.: White
Andrew: White
Jay: Yes, please!
Ted: White
Holly: None for her, please.
Kristy: Red
John: White
Tracy: White, but learning to enjoy Reds (not baseball)
Ed: Either


* Fizzy or still water?
Wendy W.: Still water, very cold.
Andrew: What’s the one with bubbles? The other one.
Jay: Still.
Ted: Still. He doesn’t want his water to move.
Holly: Still.
Kristy: Still and VERY cold.
John: Still and ice cold.
Tracy: Still and freezing.
Ed: Still water? What is this — the back bays of the Mississippi?!


We hope this helps you to get to know some of the members of THE HAPPY MOUTH SUPPER CLUB!

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