HAPPY MOUTH — April 2002

On Wednesday, April 10, 2002, the HAPPY MOUTH SUPPER CLUB met again for dinner and socializing.

In attendance were Ted, Tracy, John, Ed, Holly, Wendy, and Andrew. The choice of destination was Ed’s tonight, and he selected a landmark Italian restaurant in downtown Cincinnati… Scotti’s.

Scotti’s is a great little restaurant, seating maybe 40-50 people. The walls are covered with thousands of little pieces of broken ceramic tiles, and the ceiling is lined with hundreds of wicker wine bottle covers. It’s a very interesting place… Sometimes, at lunch, there will be an arguement in the kitchen and it will spill out into the restaurant. It’s not uncommon to hear Marco yelling at the top of his lungs to the back of the house!

Dinner was very good… I dined on osso buco which was excellent, and Wendy and I shared a half-order of “hot motz” — motzerella covered with a broad sheet of pasta, baked, and covered in Scotti’s spicy diavlo sauce.

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