Supper Club's Second Meeting — March 2002

On Wednesday, March 20, 2002, the Supper Club met again. This time, we went to BOCA (another review here). Be aware that the restaurant was rather recently bought by a new chef, David Falk. Many of the reviews and websites you might find are from the old restaurant’s previous owner, Dan Reis.
This time, we were eight people… Ed, Holly, Ted, Tracy, Wendy, John, Wendy, and myself. BOCA was loud and hopping when we arrived for our 8:15 reservation.
The food was out of this world… As usual, “foie gras” on the menu means that Wendy and I will order it, which we did. An excellently prepared, large portion of foie gras was brought to the table, and believe it or not, we actually shared with the rest of the table! We discussed taking advantage of the tasting menu that David offers, but decided not to since we found it to be somewhat restrictive.
All the food was excellent, and the wine choices were awesome. The restaurant even did something special to celebrate Tracy’s birthday, which was an unexpected treat. A visit from Chef David rounded out the evening.
Some Supper Club business… We’ve got a name! After discussion, it was decided that the formal name of the group should be “Le Club des Amuse-Bouches du Dr” (thanks to Guillome for helping me with the French!). The common name will be “The Happy Mouth Supper Club“. The name seems to fit the tone and focus of our group. Beyond that, we also firmed up our ‘who gets to pick next month’s restaurant’ process, and it seems like it will work extremely well.

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