Iron Chef Masahiko Kobe – RIP, 2019-03-14

Yesterday, I learned of the passing of Iron Chef Masahiko Kobe (on March 14, 2019). I didn’t know that he’d passed. He was the youngest of the original Iron Chefs.

Kobe was considered “Iron Chef Italian” and the “Prince of Pasta”, even though he lost his first competition as an Iron Chef — one based on pasta! He had an impressive 16-7-1 record when competing on the show.

He was 49 when he died, after a freak fall injury at his restaurant.  Apparently, he fell from a high place while reaching for something. The accident happened at his restaurant in the morning while he was working there alone, before the other staff had arrived. Upon arrival, the staff called an ambulance but the Iron Chef never regained consciousness.

Here’s Kobe’s introduction when he joined as the fourth Iron Chef…

Rest in peace, Iron Chef Masahiko Kobe.

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