Wendy’s Birthday Weekend, 2022-09-17

Wendy’s Birthday Weekend, 2022-09-17

What a busy week/weekend for the Vogel household, especially for me (see below), but we made sure Wendy was busy and had a great time on her birthday weekend.

On Monday, September 12, 2022, I started a new job that I am absolutely loving so far. I haven’t been this enthusiastic about and engaged with a new job in some time. It’s refreshing!

On Friday, September 16, 2022, I prepped for a party (to be held Saturday) and made it to a pre-ride rooftop event (at The Phelps) to enjoy the amazing view, wonderful weather, food & beverages, and live music.

On Saturday, September 17, 2022, we celebrated Wendy’s birthday by riding bicycles in the RIDE CINCINNATI FOR CANCER RESEARCH ride. I completed 16.25 miles in 1:05:32, 14.9 mph. HR zones: Hard (141-157): 29% (19:19); Cardio (125-140): 66% (43:15); Fat Burn (108-124): 4% (2:36); Easy (0-107): 1% (0:21).

Wendy was the Honorary Starter for our group, the Survivor Spotlight for our team, and got a couple nice shout-outs from the DJ announcing the event (thanks Jonjon!) for her birthday. Want to donate? You still can (until end of October, 2022!) at this link: https://ridecincinnati.org/rider/654

Chris Beiting, Andrew, Wendy

After the ride, I went to Baker-Hunt Art and Cultural Center (https://www.bakerhunt.org) to cook for their annual fundraising event called TWILIGHT IN THE GARDEN. It was a friendly “Top Chef” style competition between the 6 chefs attending, and my dish, Shrimp Banh Mi, was voted best by the guests! Wendy was pleasantly surprised when Summer & Kara showed up with boozy cupcakes to celebrate her birthday.

The beautiful grounds of Baker Hunt
Helping with a colleague’s dessert
Fantastic volunteers and guests
Alex & Cora (foreground) walking away from my booth
Beautiful, boozy birthday cupcakes from Summer!

Sunday was a day of rest! Well-earned for both of us, I think.

It was a great weekend. Happy birthday, Wendy!

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