Updates on Dog, Cat, & Food

Just a few updates for today…

  • Bean had her first chemotherapy today. Wendy described the treatment plan to me, which is three different chemotherapy medications each given once a week on a 3x repeating cycle. Bean tolerated the first injection today, though it made her tired. Thanks to everyone who offered words of support as my old girl goes through this awfulness. The doctor that we’re going to has Wendy’s highest trust, so I know Bean is in great hands.
  • Akhenaten02 Akhenaten is adjusting to his new life in our house very well. As is normal procedure around my house when a new animal is introduced, we sequestered Akhenaten in a spare room to allow the other animals time to catch his scent and get the idea of a new resident. Wendy & I visit him in the room to help bond him to us, and the cats (especially Merrick) walk around at hiss at each other (or, if you’re Merrick, hiss at EVERYTHING – shoes, papers, electrical outlets, you name it). Akhenaten really seems to enjoy laying on my belly, so I spend a fair amount of time in there with him… Me reading (or dozing), him laying on my belly, making biscuits, and purring contentedly.

    Wendy has a day off today, so she’s given him the run of the house. She’s anxious for me to get home, so he’ll stop following her around everywhere! He’s a sweet cat, and I think after this period of adjustment and introduction, he’ll integrate nicely into the general population. And maybe Merrick will stop hissing at everything.

  • Between my UC job and helping Jean-Robert & team open Jean-Robert’s Table, I’ve been working non-stop since August 4. Man, am I tired! But I couldn’t be happier about my involvement with Jean-Robert’s Table.
  • The good news:
  • After a lot of work by a lot of people, the restaurant is open and it is fantastic. I am so proud to be associated with the restaurant and especially to be part of the culinary team that makes it all happen.
  • The harder news is that we’re entering the busy time of year at my UC job, which requires a lot of evenings and travel, so my availability over the next several weeks to work at the restaurant is very limited. Chef was not thrilled to hear this news, nor was I thrilled to have to tell him, but we both know I’m only part-time at the restaurant and that UC is my primary job. Still, once my schedule opens up again, I will be back in the restaurant many nights. Stop by and say hi!
  • So, those are today’s updates.

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