Update on Akhenaten

Wendy brought home Akhenaten’s blood-work from the lab today. The summary: It’s bad. Really bad.

His BUN, PO4, ALT (SGPT), Creatinine, Cholesterol, Protein (total), Globulin, and NEU% are all really high (the BUN and PO4 are high enough that the lab re-ran them to make sure there wasn’t a mistake).

I’m not certain (and Wendy isn’t here to validate), but I believe that means his kidneys are shitty. HOW shitty, and how well they would respond to treatment, and what kind of life we’d get for him, I don’t know. Wendy and I will talk about the options this evening.

I’m sad because he’s a great cat – a really great cat. I hope he gets to enjoy living in our house for a long time.

Will update more after Wendy and I talk this evening.

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