Happy 2008 — upgrade & new look

Happy New Year, everyone! 2008 started quietly for Wendy & me. We attended a party at our friend Tracy’s house to ring in the new year with our closest friends. Then, for the next couple days, we laid low hanging around the house and enjoying two solid days of downtime. To give some small idea just how low we laid, we watched 5 movies… In one day!

During our downtime, I took the opportunity to upgrade this WordPress installation from version 2.2.3 to version 2.3.2. The upgrade went fairly smoothly, but there were some problems in our existing theme (Ngatini) which required me to use a different theme (Tarski). I am not sure if this is a temporary theme or if we’ll be sticking to it… Tarksi is a modern, good-looking, and well-supported WordPress theme.

I am in the process of tweaking the theme a bit to maximize its usefulness and integration into our site, so some things may not be working as expected yet. They should be fixed in the next several days.

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