10 on Tuesday: 10 Foods You Hate

This is a difficult meme since as a foodie, I tend to like almost everything, and I wouldn’t say that I hate any of these (dislike is a better word), but here goes in no particular order:

  1. Green peppers (especially raw)
  2. Red peppers (especially raw)
  3. Celery (especially raw)
  4. Okra
  5. Natto (well, I’ve only had it once and would probably try it again)
  6. Raw tomato slices, especially if they’re not ripe
  7. Pickle relish
  8. Salmon roe — it’s a texture thing, though I like other roe
  9. Vegetables *when they are overcooked*, especially green beans and asparagus
  10. Pepperoni


8 thoughts on “10 on Tuesday: 10 Foods You Hate”

  • I’m not a big fan of pepperoni either. It leaves a nasty after taste.

    Oh! I love raw peppers! And okra is awesome fried! (Careful, my redneck roots are showing. *grin*)

    Have a great week!

  • Karen… I’ll agree that okra fried with cornmeal breading is tasty… As you can see, this was a difficult meme for me!

  • I usually don’t like eating red/green peppers either. But all of your other foods …some I like and other I don’t 🙂 Just wondering..why don’t you like pepperoni? *grin*

    Happy Ten on Tuesday! Mine is up 🙂

  • Hi Julia! Thanks for visiting! I decided a few years ago that there were no foods that I didn’t like or wouldn’t eat… Those items on my list have been the ‘holdouts’ so far! I can eat them, and will on occasion, but they tend to be the items I wouldn’t, for example, order if I was ordering food for myself.

    Cheap pepperoni tastes metallic and overly spicy to me. I don’t mind spicy food; the taste of pepperoni just doesn’t appeal. However, there is a local pizza place that puts the pepperoni on top of the cheese so it gets crispy and brown, and THAT pepperoni, I LIKE!

  • Celery is one of those foods they tell you its good for you you when you’re a kid, and then you grow up and realize you’ve been eating foam flavored cardboard with peanut butter and raisins on it forever. Ew.

  • I hate raw tomato, but cooked tomatoes, tomato sauce, those are all yummy. I don’t know if it’s a texture thing or what. Raw tomato to me is just yuck.

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