RECIPE 0: A new feature on the site

Last year, we took a look at all the dinners I ate — each and every night of the year — and that experiment seemed to go very well.

This year, I’m going to post a recipe each-and-every week. The recipes will come from different sources, and will be all over the map.

The recipe software I’m using to manage this project is called BigOven and you can get your own trial copy from this link. Registering BigOven isn’t expensive, and it’s a really wonderful recipe managment solution. One nice feature of the recipes on this site is that they’re immediately importable into BigOven — just paste them in without retyping.

Enjoy these recipes, and if you get inspired and decide to make any of them yourself, please consider sending a digital picture of the result — I’ll post it with the recipe!

The recipes start below (or click here)… Let’s get started!

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  • This is fantastic, Drew! We really appreciate the mention of BigOven, and the posting of recipes in this format. Let us know how we can help, and keep those product suggestions coming!

    – Steve at BigOven

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