Reading: Gastronaut

I decided to put down ONLY REVOLUTIONS for the time being. Though I was enjoying the book, I was struggling with it because this period of time is so busy with the holidays and my busiest time at work. I kept losing the thread of the book because I wasn’t able to devote the time and attention this book demands and deserves. I will get back to it once things calm down, and will start with SAM’S side this time, as it seems the more logical place to begin.

So, I’ve put it down in favor of GASTRONAUT by Stefan Gates. Gates is an “epicurean desperado”, willing to cook and eat anything — at least once. After all, he argues, if we eat 22 tons of food over our lifetimes and use 16% of our waking lives preparing food, shouldn’t we try for the occasional “culinary epiphany” by maximizing our “excitement-to-mastication ratio”?

I like the light tone of this book. It’s interesting reading and going quickly, so I will soon have to decide what to read next…


Gastronaut: Adventures in Food for the Romantic, the Foolhardy, and the Brave

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