Buster gets his teeth cleaned

Dog TeethToday, Wendy took Buster in to clean his teeth, implant a microchip, and to remove his floppy dewclaw. She said he did well through the proceedure, but that his teeth “look like the teeth of a 10 year old dog” (we think he’s about 6 years old but are not sure) and that it’s clear that he’s never had any dental care in his life. Buster was rescued from the pound by the owners from whom we got him, so his history prior to the previous owners is completely unknown. (The picture is neither Buster’s mouth nor from Wendy’s hospital — it’s just a photo I found on the ‘net)

Wendy had to remove one of Buster’s molars because it was so crummy, and she thinks that he may lose a couple more teeth in the next few years — they might be too far gone. The cleaning she did was thorough, of course, and we hope that with continued close monitoring and care, we may be able to head-off any more tooth decay or loss.

(this is his floppy dewclaw)

And maybe his breath will smell better, too!

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