DINNER 137: Wednesday, May 17, 2006

After class (in which we worked on cheese items — we made Mascarpone, Mozzarella, Lemon Cheese, and a very nice Blue Cheese Tart with Dill), I was very hungry so I stopped at McDonald’s for what has become a standard meal there — a couple cheeseburgers with ‘only onions’ and a small order of french fries.

There was only one problem — it seems that when I order a cheeseburger with ‘only onions’, the geniuses in the back think that even though I ordered a cheeseburger ‘only onions‘, the “only” is not inclusive of cheese. So, I get two hamburgers with only onions. This has happened a time or two in the past; I am not sure how to properly order the sandwich so I get what I want — a bun, a burger, cheese, and onions — each and every time.

It also reminds me that a smart McDonald’s consumer will actually check their order — open the bag, open the wrapper, and do a visual examination of each food item you ordered — before leaving the restaurant. I am convinced that this level of scrutiny is required since a review of my receipt revealed that the order was entered correctly, the yellow paper indicated that the line understood that it was a cheeseburger; they just didn’t follow through, or maybe they took the “onions only” directive quite literally.

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