DINNER 113: Sunday, April 23, 2006

Cafe des Fluers logoTonight’s dinner was rather simple, since Wendy & I were both busy today. Wendy went to work on the set for LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS which opens in early May at Falcon Theater. I went to Coney Island to work in Cafe des Fluer, a temporary cafe opened at the Cincinnati Flower Show by Jean-Robert de Cavel. It was great to get back into the professional kitchen, even this kitchen-in-a-tent-in-a-parking-lot. Some of the crew was from Pigall’s, and some were from Jean-Robert’s other restaurants. I worked wherever I was needed today, everything from bread service to running dishes to rolling silverware to tables to clearing plates. Any task that needed help, I helped.

Wendy & I got home around 6:00 and spent a quiet evening together. Dinner was simple — ravioli, some cottage cheese, fruit, and water. Easy, comfortable, and cozy for our evening together. She gets busier from here as she approaches tech week and then the opening & run of her show, so we value these evenings together.

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