CULINARY: My ninth night at Pigalls


On Saturday, December 10, 2005, I worked at Jean-Robert at Pigall’s for my ninth night. I took some delicious chocolate bark that Wendy & I made for the gang in the kitchen, and judging from how quickly it disappeared, they enjoyed it. 

I arrived around 1:30pm and got started prepping for service. I worked on whatever anyone needed me to do, so I did a wide variety of tasks (cutting batonette of carrots, preparing and sauteing black trumpet mushrooms, making cups from leaves of steamed endive and filling them with a mixture of black trumpet mushrooms and parsnips (for the Sea Scallop dish), glazing parsnips, preparing purple potatoes, and cutting proscuitto (and cleaning the slicer), and more). A lot of different tasks provided me with a lot of different opportunities to brush up my skills. I really enjoy helping and feel that I am productive in the kitchen and generally make the night a bit ‘easier’ for the guys.

Because we had parties to attend (my mother-in-law’s birthday and a Christmas party for Wendy), I wasn’t able to stay past 6:00. However, it is my intention to get back down there on a more regular basis now that summer is over. I’ll be volunteering down there again late in December, and hopefully early in January as well.

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