"MAS VINO" Dinner, Saturday June 4, 2005

Last night (Saturday, June 4, 2005) was the dinner at our house that I’d been planning for a while for a group of ‘foodie’ friends. This group of three couples contains a good amount of food knowledge: one member of the group is a fine dining writer for a local magazine, one couple are restaurateurs, and me with my culinary education.

Each couple had previously hosted an event at their house, and it was our turn. It was an honor and a pleasure to cook for this fine group! Here’s what we ate:

* Boursin Stuffed Mushrooms with Panko
Peach Bellini

* Foie Gras & Mushroom Duxelle with Shiraz & Cabernet Reduction
Luna di Luna Chardonnay Pinot Grigio Champagne

* Garlic Veloute with Croutons & Prosciutto
Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc/Viognier, 2003

* Red Snapper Gravlax with Cucumber & Tomato
Adelsheim Vineyard Oregon Pinot Gris, 2003

* Lemon Sorbet — Intermezzo

* Loin of Spring Lamb in Provence Crust with Dijon Mustard
Roasted Garlic and White Bean Puree
Spring Asparagus

Liberty School Cabernet Sauvignon, California, 2003

* Cheese Course:
– Holland Smoked Gouda
– ‘Laughing Cow’ Swiss
– French Munster Haxaire
– French Four Pepper Goat Cheese
– Danish Blue

* Chocolate Chestnut Cake with Melba Sauce
Key Lime Pie
Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

Saracco Moscato D’Asti, 2003

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