Things are finally getting back to normal around here.

We just closed GILLIGAN’S ISLAND: THE MUSICAL that Wendy was in (she played Mary Ann) at Falcon Theater. It was a three weekend run and was sold out for half the run.

Just like any show, this production was a tremendous amount of work. However, unlike many other shows, we had an extra amount of work to do since this was Falcon’s first show at a new space — The Monmouth Theater in Newport, Kentucky. At the same time that the show was rehearsing, we were also doing major renovations on the theater space to make it suitable for a production. This renovation included removing a drop ceiling over the stage, drywall & paint, running conduit & pulling cables for lighting instruments, installing dimmer packs, relocating & repairing the stage floor, and extending the stage. And then build the set. Once all that was done, we had to clean everything up to get it ready for an audience.

The show’s run was a good one — the audiences loved the show.

A very nice surprise came on the third weekend. Hope Juber, the lyricist (and spouse of composer Laurence Juber, flew in from Los Angeles to attend the shows on Friday & Saturday nights. As a special treat to the cast, Hope contacted her father — Sherwood Schwartz (the creator of GILLIGAN’S ISLAND and the BRADY BUNCH) — and everyone in the cast got to speak with him. Hope seemed to really enjoy the show, and was a charming and engaging person. We’re thrilled that she came to see our production!

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