Drew & Wendy — MARRIED!

Well, the secret is out… After careful planning and admirable secrecy by the few persons ‘in the know’, it has finally happened. In a surprise ceremony witnessed by family and a small circle of friends, Drew and Wendy got married on December 31, 2003 — at about 11:30pm!

For the two years that we’ve been engaged, we have been considering just what we wanted to do for our wedding… We knew we didn’t want a big church wedding (we’ve had those… several of them between us). We thought about a Scuba wedding, but that would cut out the families and those who couldn’t afford to travel to a dive-worthy destination with us. We had talked about a "surprise" wedding very early on, but couldn’t figure out a good excuse to get people to a location without them being suspicious. We talked about having it at our house during one of our many parties, but Wendy was firmly opposed to cleaning our house for our own wedding. We didn’t really want to have any sort of "wedding event" because no matter what you tell folks, they still feel like they have to bring presents and get all serious about it, which is what we did NOT want.

About 2 months ago, we hit on the idea of having a surprise wedding at our friend Tracy’s annual New Year’s Eve party. She has been talking about making this event a fancy dress party for years now, so this year she did it (we were NOT getting married in jeans & sweatshirts!). We’ve been attending this party with folks for many years now, and one of our buddies happens to be a minister… Tracy agreed to let us do it, so at 11:30 Andrew invited everybody at the party to attend our wedding… RIGHT NOW. We assembled in the living room as our parents arrived, had a little ceremony in front of Tracy’s lovely Christmas tree, poured the champagne, and rang in the new year. Our only concession to wedding tradition was that we had an awesome cake with sugar flowers and all. The cake came from Chef’s Kitchen in Madeira (Cincinnati, Ohio). They did Wendy’s first wedding cake, too… (Nothing like repeat wedding cake customers!). We asked Liz to make it very fancy as it was our only real expense (who says a surprise wedding at somebody else’s house isn’t cost effective?) besides the rings.

We’re in the planning stages of a honeymoon… It can’t be until after March, because Wendy is in a show (she’s playing Mary Ann in a musical version of Gilligan’s Island at Falcon… just as cheesy and silly as you might expect), so we’re thinking somewhere between April and maybe August 2004 (don’t want to pin ourselves down too much).

(l to r): Mom V, Dad V, Wendy, Drew, Wendy’s brother Ted (kneeling), Dad W, and Mom W.
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