The Bill Arrives

Thinking that everything was all right, I eagerly opened the envelope that arrived from CSTCC.
Tearing it open, I found my class schedule and a bill.

A bill? I thought this was free.

Hrm. More calls… I found out that the form I filled out way back when — the form that transfers my tuition benefit from UC to CSTCC — needed to be turned in to Cincinnati State. And I’d forgotten to turn it in. So, I headed back down to CSTCC to submit the form. After waiting in line for a while, I got to the registration desk and submitted my form and waited anxiously while the clerk typed and typed some more.

He then told me that the course numbers on my form did not match any known course numbers at CSTCC. Apparently, between the time that I completed the form and submitted it, CSTCC changed their course numbers. I asked the clerk what I needed to do to correct the problem. He said that I’d have to go back to UC, get another form, complete it — “Correctly, this time,” he sneered, and re-submit it.

He must have seen my face fall because he said, “Unless…”, and dialed his phone. Fortunately, he was calling the professor of the program. Fortunately, the professor was at his desk. Fortunately, the professor verified that the OLD course numbers on my form were, in fact, equivilent to the NEW course numbers at CSTCC. I was back in business.

The clerk waived the tuition from my bill, and I went to the cashier’s office to pay the $91 fees.

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