Getting Registered

I had only two classes for which I needed to register: Cooking Skills and Methods and Theory of Cooking.

I logged into the CSTCC website to register for classes and was thrilled to discover that finally, finally, finally… everything in my application was complete and I was able to register.

So, entering the “synonyms” (course numbers) to specify which class, I anxiously attempted to register for classes online. All fields completed, my finger poised over the SUBMIT button…

I pressed SUBMIT.


ERROR: Instructor permission required for Cooking Skills and Methods.

Undaunted, I called CSTCC and asked for the professor of the course. He was, of course, on vacation and wouldn’t be back for a week.

So I waited. When the professor was back, I had to go see him to get signed into the class. He was kind enough to do the processing while I was there, so I’d be able to register the moment I got back to a computer.

Also, while I was there I was fitted for my uniforms (clogs, chef’s jacket, pants, kerchief, apron, and chef’s hat) and ordered my knife kit (which includes a 9″ chef’s knife, 3.5″ paring knife, 6″ boning knife, 11″ slicer, 10″ steel, peeler, thermometer, and a knife roll). Also, since I was down there, I bought my parking pass.

Feeling confident, I headed back to a computer to register for the remaining class. At my computer, I logged on to CSTCC’s website and attempted to register for the class…


ERROR: Instructor permission required for Cooking Skills and Methods.

WHAT THE?! I called the professor, and found out that I was attempting to register for the wrong section of that class. Problem solved, I was able to successfully register.

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