DINNER: Sunday, August 3, 2003

After a drive of approximately 10 hours (and one flat tire), Wendy, Ted, and I arrived in Charleston South Carolina for vacation. Wendy & Ted’s family would arrive on Monday and that’s when we get possession of our beach house as well.

So, Wendy, Ted, and I are in Charleston without a planned place to stay. After a quick drive out to the beach house — "just to find it" — we made our way back toward town to find a room (at a Sleep Inn) and a place to eat.

We ate at Gilligan’s Steamer and Raw Bar. I had my first (of several!) taste of She-Crab Soup, along with Crab Dip (for the table). My entree was Shrimp Scampi with a baked potato and corn on the cob. The She-Crab Soup was excellent — along the lines of a potato-less clam chowder, but more pure somehow. The flavors were bright and clear, and there were plenty of chunks of crab meat in the thick soup.

One of the best things about Gilligan’s is it’s friendly, lowcountry atmosphere. For example, the wooden tables have a hole in the middle which is fitted with a plastic bucket. Got some shells that need disposing? Toss ’em in the bucket!

After a leisurely dinner, we headed back to the frigid hotel room where I tuned into The Restaurant before we all fell asleep.

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