DINNER: Saturday, February 8, 2002

Tonight, we entertained our friends Doug D. and Doug & Meg J. They came over to enjoy a double-feature movie night and dinner. Our two movies were LOCK, STOCK, AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS and SNATCH.

The way the evening went was like this… Everyone arrived at 6:00 to enjoy an appetizer bowl of my Apple Chestnut Soup with Spiced Cream and watch LOCK, STOCK… After the first movie, we dined on a Capriesi Salad made by Doug D, made fresh mozzerella (Meg brought some curd from the restaurant, demo by Doug J.), and dined on my Lasagna di Carnevale Napolitana with some nice Italian bread and (Wendy's favorite) Hawaiian Bread. After dinner, we watched SNATCH. After SNATCH, we enjoyed a Kahlua Chocolate Cream Cake that Meg had made and coffee with Amarula.

What a meal! What movies! What a night! It was a blast. Big thanks to the Dougs and Meg for joining us and making the evening a lot of fun.

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