DINNER: Wednesday, February 5, 2003

Tonight we dined on a one-skillet dish of chunked chicken and rice in a garlic sauce that Wendy put together. She also prepared a spinach salad with it.

This "eating at home" stuff is pretty well working out, though Wendy & I are yet to sit down and plan the next week's menu, as we said we were going to do. Ah well. We've got a large enough surplus of ingredients in our pantry that we probably don't need to buy anything for at least a couple more weeks.

As you may know, we finally bought a new refrigerator (a stainless Kenmore Elite side-by-side) from The Great Indoors. I noticed that there were several dents in the front of the fridge (that corresponded, height-wise, to the damage done to our molding in the entry hall). Expecting the worst, I called Sears support and they came out and replaced the door for us without any problems! The new door looks great! To say that I was impressed is somewhat of an understatement.

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