A Mr. Face Update

Mr. Face rapidly propels himself to the front of the pack at the Vogel household. He is neck and neck in the running for “best cat” threatened only by Ringo… but he smells better than Ringo which gives him the competetive edge.

What would you require of the perfect housepet? Softness and cuddleability… Face is the clear leader, leaving the rest in the dust for sheer coat quality and willingness to sleep in the bed with us and the dog. Easy care… Face knows where his food is, where his litterbox is (flawlessly, unlike the sighted kitties who can’t seem to tell the dining room carpet from the kitty litter, and also unlike Dolly the Turd Burglar, who seems to think the cat pooper is a snack bar). Quiet… well, maybe not so quiet. After 4 nights boarding at the hospital while we dined on the finest Philadelphia sushi, Face had a few things to say when he got home. I don’t know what those things were, exactly, but he had had words, they would have mostly been four letters. Non-destructive… as the only resident cat with front claws, Face only rips up the cat tree scratching post… how he found that I couldn’t tell you, but he GETS it. If Oliver had such claws, there would be no furniture here at all. 

All in all, Face is a gem. The average observer would probably not be able to tell that he’s blind at all, so well does he navigate his territory. The stairs remain a black hole of death to him, but that seems to suit the other boys just fine. They still hiss and run away when they catch sight of him, but at least they are starting to venture up cautiously when he’s asleep.

He’s chubby and happy and seems to think it’s all worthwhile in his little life.

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