Psychic night for Mr. Face

Tonight Mr. Face met Donetta the animal psychic. She came to our horse barn for a demonstration and everyone thought he’d be a great candidate for a reading.

Donetta is a very cool lady who has been listenening to animals since she was a child. She likes to touch the animals when she’s communicating with them, and spoke with a dog and two horses in addition to Mr. Face.

For the most part she was extremely accurate, and quite funny as the animals told us what they thought about things. She gets her messages as flashes of vision, and tells everything from the animal’s point of view.

Now on to the reading…

Mr. Face said that when he lost his eye, there were other animals around who picked on him. He is a survivor who took care of himself for a long time, and he’s glad he doesn’t have to do that anymore. He remembers other people long ago, before us, but he was alone for a long time until he came to us.

He knows that I fixed his face, and she sensed that there was trouble with the vision in his remaining eye (understatement, but technically true). He does not remember the accident itself, but he does remember the pain afterward. He claims to be in no pain now. Mr. Face says he has a friend cat (Ringo) whom he takes care of (I suspect Ringo would say that HE takes care of FACE)… Face is worried about Ringo and feels that he’s sick and doesn’t eat well (Ringo has the perpetually swollen lip and has a funny smell to his little lips… and is a very unthrifty eater because of that).

Face says that other animals come and go, but that there is one evil-tempered cat who comes sometimes (Andrew thinks that’s Oliver, but I suspect it’s jealous baby Merrick). When asked if he hates the dog, he replied that the dog is very stupid and needs discipline (which is also what he said about the mean cat… needs discipline). He said he likes to sleep on the thing that puts out the heat (the heating vent… but they all do), and he is very happy to finally be indoors.

He is worried that we might be going to move (I suspect because Andrew was unloading some cardboard boxes in the computer room here), but that he would go with us. He had no concept at all of what the stairs are, and doesn’t think he ever wants to try them. I suggested he might like to use the other boys’ litterbox (so I can get his out of the middle of the guestroom floor), but he says he’s perfectly happy with where it is now.

He meows in the EARLY morning because he wants us to give him the special food (canned), even though he knows he has dry food there all the time. He loves us both, but Andrew is his buddy because I have had to do things he didn’t like (and if you’re wondering, Donetta did not know that I am his vet). Mr. Face also likes the music that Andrew plays. We asked if he was bored, but she said he was perfectly happy and very content, just fine.

All in all I was very interested in what she had to say. She spoke to him for about 15 minutes, but says she prefers to spend an hour or so. Mr. Face was a perfect subject, and sat happily with his paws tucked underneath him, purring, not afraid at all in the scary barn with the strange smells and noises. We hope to have Donetta come over to the house soon to have readings with all our pets. We’ll keep you posted!

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