September update for Mr. Face

This article was written by Wendy.

Mr. Face thrives… He is master of the second floor, and though he proves he can go UP stairs (if you take him down a few and place him there), he has no interest whatsoever in going DOWN stairs… He will sit and cry at the top of the staircase when he feels neglected, and though we call and cajole from below, he just sits and bitches.

His latest trick is learning (relearning?) to drink from the potty. This is brother Ringo’s favorite watering hole, and whether Face had a potty to drink from in his former life, learned from listening to Ringo, or just figured out that here was a BIG water dish — I don’t know. Blind Face has figured out how to jump up onto the seat, balance without falling in, and take laps from the water below. It’s the little things that thrill us. 

Merrick and Oliver forget he’s up here and periodically are stunned anew to see him… Merrick hisses and growls, and Oliver just runs away… Dolly thinks he’s great (only cat who lets her sniff his butt for any length of time), and Ringo is his best buddy.

Face weighed in at a whopping 13.5 lb this morning… That’s over twice what he weighed when he came to us 8 months ago skinny and battered… For a cat who couldn’t eat for a month, he has certainly made up for lost time. His favorite new toy is a string of beads we bought him at the fabric store… I had purchased a beaded scarf for myself and Face wanted to play with it so badly… he can hear the beads rattle together and can chase them across the floor.

So we got him his own yard o’ beads, and he’s quite happy (and quite the well-dressed little kitty — ed). We don’t let him play unattended with them, but he’s pretty accurate whacking at them when they are dangled enticingly before him.

More later, and hopefully new photos soon of his hefty little self.

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2 thoughts on “September update for Mr. Face”

  • found you via CotC yesterday (6June05) and couldn’t get enough of MrFace. loved the stories and pics! loved mr face! it was the perfect uplift to an incredibly dreary monday. is MrFace still with you?

  • I am extremely happy to report that Mr. Face is alive and doing extremely well. He’s a fully-functioning cat (except for being one-eyed and blind). He gets around the house very well, only occasionally bashing into walls or doors, and continues to dominate the standings for “Best Cat in the House” (first out of our four cats). Thank you for your comment and your interest. Please check back — Wendy will likely post an update soon!

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