Further progress…

Work continues inside his little brain as he slowly rejoins the land of the living. This morning Drew went in to feed him his morning can of A/D (the highlight of both their days), and found Mr. Face sitting happily OUTSIDE the playpen. We wondered if somehow we had forgotten to put him back in it last night before bed, but his escape artistry was confirmed when I got up and again found him contentedly sitting outside the pen.

Obviously he is ready for more freedom, so the playpen is scrapped (in storage for the next sickie, or God forbid, a real baby) and we got a big plastic mat on which to place his food and litter box. Now Mr. Face has free run of the spare bedroom and seems to be quite happy about it. He has no vision at all, but somehow he found the only sunbeam on the floor to sleep in.

He has developed (returned to?) quite a fetching little personality now that he’s more than just a purring thing in a box that we pet… he’s curious and quite loving. It’s doubtful that he’ll ever see a thing (the eye is fine, but the nerves to his brain are decidedly NOT), but is adjusting well to his blindness. Such amazing critters are cats.

I wonder if, when he was an outside stray — cold and hungry and maybe lonely, perhaps he wished for a loving family and a warm place to sleep and all the food he could imagine. I wonder if he thinks the price he paid was worth it?

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