A Mr. Face Update

On Thursday, March 21, 2002, Wendy took out the wire that was holding Mr. Face’s broken lower jaw together to allow it to heal.

Wendy reported that the wire wasn’t doing much, since it was put in when his jaw was terribly swollen. When the swelling went down, the wire wasn’t as tight as it could have been. Wendy was leery of knocking Mr. Face out again to tighten the wire, so we just made do. She reports that the jaw is healing ‘pretty well’, and that there is some independent movement of the sides of the jaw (which isn’t good), but Wendy is confident that it will eventually heal completely. She noticed that one of his teeth was badly broken during the accident and will eventually need to be removed.

While he was knocked out, Wendy did an examination of his eye and found his retina ‘floating’, which means that his eye is broken and he will never see out of it again. He’s going to be a blind cat forever.

Mr. Face was a little disoriented when he came home (completely understandable!), but tucked right into his food when we gave it to him, and his mouth (minus the wire) worked very well.

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