Another Mr. Face update…

Time for another Mr. Face update!

He’s starting to get some strength back, which is a good thing. Also, he meows when he hears cans of cat food being opened. Very cute.

Still blind as far as we can tell. We’re expecting that he’ll be blind forever. The blood has mostly cleared from his eye, leaving a nice-looking but non-working green eye in there.

The swelling from his injuries has mostly gone down, so he’s able to use his mouth and nose much better now. Wendy will remove the lower jaw wire in a week or so.

We’re currently keeping an eye on his potty practices, to see if he’s reliably using the litter box. If so, we’ll be able to take him OUT of the playpen where he’s living and allow him to have access to the whole room (at first), and if he does well with that, eventually opening the whole house to him. For a long time, Mr. Face wanted to sit in his litter box, which made him a smelly cat. However, all of a sudden, he’s happiest sitting in a small plastic box in his playpen.

Some other things… First, he prefers A/D cat food over any other canned food. He’ll eat some dry, but not much. Secondly, he was able to kick Dolly’s ass (she was sniffing him) even though he’s blind! Not a good statement of Dolly’s intellegence.

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