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Another look at what’s going on in Drew’s life… Some new projects and more!

Boy oh boy… Was I ever wrong when I predicted that the final coat of paint in the kitchen would be done Thursday or Friday!

I painted two coats in the kitchen one day last week and hoped it would look good. It did not. In fact, it looked downright awful — like someone had sprayed blood unevenly all over the kitchen walls.

Continued painting, wondering if I was wasting my time, and it slowly (SLOWLY) started to improve. Now we’re on coat #5 and I can see the color starting to even out.

Wendy called the very helpful folks at Glidden.COM and they told us that the particular color we chose (DRUM BEAT) is the hardest paint to get to cover that they have, because of the high amount of colorant in the mix. They said that it might take as many as 10 (!) coats to get it looking good… We’ll do as many as it takes, but my heavens!

In other news, I am working on the documentation team for Post-Nuke, the software that is running my website. More information as it becomes available.

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