PHEW! A system upgrade — close call!

I thought I would upgrade the system software today using the tools that were provided by my software manufacturer.

Using their tools, I logged into the update site, downloaded about 20 megs of updates (after several false starts because the update system was busy), and applied them. The updates applied with no problems. Because I had updated the kernel (the very core of the operating system), I rebooted.

And the system pukes. And hangs. And will not boot very far past POST. Slightly frantic on my end, I try to get it to boot and begin considering a sweeping (and destructive) re-install of the entire system software.

Long story short… Once I calmed down and researched the problem for a bit, I managed to get the system running just fine with the new software (it was a pointer problem with the kernel install and LILO that was causing it to hang, and was fixed by a couple of symbolic links) in case you’re keeping score at home), and we’re back in business.

Total system downtime: 23 minutes. Three reboots. And a total of 4.5 days taken off my life due to stress.

All for users of DrewVogel.COM.

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