An update on Drew…

I wanted to take a few moments to update you on what’s going on in my life.

We’ve moved into our new house and, on Sunday October 28, turned the keys to the condo back in to the management office — we’re totally in the new house and no longer splitting time between the condo and the house. It feels really nice to have all our stuff in one place, even if a fair amount of it is still in boxes (or put away somewhere we’ve forgotten!). An interesting aside: We’ve misplaced our mortgage payment book! Yikes!

We’ve got one more room to finish and then we’re done with the remodelling projects. This evening, I will go home and ‘prime’ the walls in our kitchen to seal them and prepare them for final painting. The drywall in the kitchen was in pretty bad shape after the wallpaper was removed, so we had to have the walls ‘re-mudded’ — another layer of plaster applied over the old drywall to smooth it out. That process generated a TREMENDOUS amount of dust, so we’ve got some cleaning to do, too! Priming tonight, maybe another coat of primer tomorrow evening, and then painting the final color on Thursday and Friday, cleanup, and then we’re done!

Other than that, last weekend, I was on the set of the movie I’m working in. It’s called CALLBACK and is an independent movie being produced by NickelJar Productions out of Xenia Ohio. It’s rather a low budget project, but we’re having fun and enjoying the work of putting this film together. I’ll have more information, and maybe even production stills, for you soon. I’ll be on set next weekend as well.

An ongoing annoyance is the completion of the Over The Rhine Tribute CD. I’ve turned the project over and it seems to have stalled. I hate the fact that so many people have pre-ordered the project (thanks!), and that we’re getting further and further from our ‘release date’. It’s out of my hands… All I can do is apologize.

So, there you go. An update on what’s been going on in my life these past couple-two-three weeks.

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