Happy Mouth–August 2011

Hard to believe that summer has slipped by. It’s been head-down, busy around here. I apologize for the lack of updates. Expect a larger update soon.

On Wednesday August 31, the Happy Mouth Supper Club met at Green Papaya in Hyde Park for dinner. It was Holly’s selection, and she chose a fantastic place. Everything was inviting and comfortable, and we felt very welcome there. Our fabulous server closely examined our club’s plaque and asked us several questions about our group before endearingly exclaiming, “I am very exciting to serve you tonight!”.

We settled in for lovely dishes – from their Golden Bag appetizer to sushi, pad thai (including Holly’s awesome selection of crispy pad thai – a runaway hit), seafood basil (nicely spicy, that one), and much more. Everyone seemed to have a great experience with the food, and the conversation was certainly fun too. Service was very good, and food came out from the kitchen quickly.

After dinner, I went out to see the new cars that Julie & Angel were sporting… Cool stuff! Very nice new rides, girls!

Another successful Happy Mouth!

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