Memorial Day Dinner

At the end of a long holiday weekend, I cooked at home for Wendy & myself. On the way home from an enjoyable Civil War Walk through Spring Grove Cemetery (we arrived late and did not hear Abraham Lincoln speak), we stopped and picked up some food to prepare at home. Here’s what we made:

  • Strip steaks briefly marinated with soy, garlic, and onions. After serving as a marinade, the liquid was turned into a nice sauce
  • Oven-roasted sweet potato fries with brown sugar cream (we’d intended to deep fry these, but it didn’t work out, so we roasted them)
  • Piperade (intended as a garnish; Wendy liked it as a vegetable)
  • Sweet corn on the cob
  • Dessert was S’mores… The standard variety, and others made with peanut butter cups, and mini Snickers. I preferred them made with peanut butter cups.

Certainly not the most balanced meal I’ve ever cooked, but it was full of flavors we were craving. It was an enjoyable, easy meal, and a good way to finish off the weekend. How did you commemorate Memorial Day? Let us know in comments.

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