Wendy finishes the Flying Pig!

Way to go, Wendy!

Thanks to training and support from our friends (and Wendy’s running buddies) Donnie and Ron (and Jeff!), Wendy was able to finish the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon — all 26.2 miles of the darned thing — on Sunday, May 3, 2009. It was Wendy’s first marathon. She trained with her team for 11 months and did an awesome job. I am very proud of her!

Other folks that must be mentioned because they made the Pig fun:

Marie (who came in from Canada to run the Pig!), Dave R (who yelled times to most runners and cheered our team specifically), Todd Kelly (a CHEF running the PIG!), Ryan & Katie (great to see you both!), Kirsten (pretty in pink (where’s my cupcake!?)), Nnodum (you did a great run, my friend!), Meghan (next year, you must run too!), and the police officer in Hyde Park who didn’t want me to cross the street (I made it).

Additionally, the team made shirts with the runner’s names on them — a great idea, reports Wendy, who said that people were constantly cheering her on by name.

Below are some pictures of Wendy and Donnie during the run. I was able to run alongside her for the last 100 yards (which I found to be very tiring). Click any photo for a larger view.

Congrats to all the runners!

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