Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things On Your To-Do List

From this site comes this week’s Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things On Your To-Do List. In no particular order, mine are (this doesn’t include work-related stuff):

  1. Plan and cost-out a menu for a friend
  2. Drop off this non-disclosure agreement and check out the facility
  3. Reinvigorate two web projects (I’m looking at you, Jo and Karin!)
  4. Develop curriculum for a new (to me) culinary class I’m teaching next term
  5. Configure SageTV (this is a large, multi-step to-do list item) on my HTPC
  6. Install Second Life and explore the virtual campus of University of Cincinnati therein
  7. Make sure our guest room is ready for our upcoming guest
  8. Plan menus for that guest, keeping in mind their dietary restrictions
  9. Evaluate the Autofocus time management system
  10. Secure my next restaurant gig. I’ve got several good options on the table, but haven’t decided which one (ones?) I will pursue.

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