Chef Alan Neace’s Category A Entry

DSC_4632 The following is Chef Alan Neace’s Category A Entry in the 2008 International Culinary Olympics in Erfurt Germany. Photos after the jump.

  • Turkey Platter for Eight
    • Nadine Roasted Turkey Breast
    • Tewis Style Corned Turkey Thigh
    • Applewood Smoked and Stuffed Burlington Wing
    • Kinsella Neck Sausage with Dried Fruit
    • Celery and Golden Raisin Salad
    • Marinated Haricot Vert
    • Markham Poached Pears with Stilton Mousse
    • Spiced Peach Chutney
    • Creamy Chive Herb Sauce
  • Kent Island Fruits de Mer
    Sole, lobster, and mussels, warm herb scented tomato water, concasser, corn, and cucumber noodles.
  • Phillipe Foie Gras Trio
    Terrine with pickled sweet potato tear drops and orange pomegranate reduction; Torchon with aged balsamic, roasted figs, appled and  petite greens; Mousse atop toasted fennel scented brioche, grey sea salt, and caramelized apple.
  • Kentucky Rabbit
    Roasted rack of Owensborough-raised rabbit, fine herb farce, rich rabbit jus, warm roasted beet, and almond leg croquette atop warm sweet and sour red potato.
  • St. Rona’s Divers Plate
    Sea scallop and serrano paired with snow crab agnolloti, bokchoy, spaghetti squash, fava beans, orange herb reduction and a Soubise citrus sauce.
  • Duck Vonden Bancon Style
    Duck Osso Bucco style with pinot noir braising sauce paired with a hot smoked shiitake barded breast, celeriac puree, butternut squash, zucchini and rutabaga, cranberry compote.
  • Vegetarian Splendor
    Grilled portabella with florentine panada, warm sumac crusted calypso bean sausage, crispy polenta with gorgonzola, asparagus and sundried tomato, black mustard seed and smoked tomato jam, and green curry.

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DSC_4503 PA200091

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