HAPPY MOUTH — July, 2008

This month’s selection, by Ted, of the outing for HAPPY MOUTH SUPPER CLUB came as an accidental surprise. Apparently, when Ted was seeking a place for us to go, someone mentioned Maribelle’s CAKERY, which Ted misunderstood as Maribelle’s TAVERN, which he picked as our destination.

A happy accident it was, too… Situated near the river on the east side of town, this small neighborhood place offered good upscale-bar-type food and beverages at reasonable prices. Everything was plenty tasty! A few mis-steps here and there (some of our party had overcooked food and heavy seasoning on a few items). Accidental or not, it was a good pick, Ted!

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  • That person was me. I said something about ordering a cake from Maribelle’s Bakery.. and then we talked about good burgers in the East End (aka Terry’s Turf Club). Maribelle’s in the East End ended up being dinner, but Ted STILL insists that I recommended it…

  • All they do is wedding cake. Really darn good wedding cake. And groom’s cakes covered with chocolate covered strawberries. I can think of worse things…

    I was reading their website the other day, Drew, and they started using marshmallow fondant. Made me think of Wendy! Her fondant was the first I ever actually wanted to eat. Mmm.

  • @Anonymous: Fortunately, they had “real” food and not just baked goods!

    @Julie: Wendy’s marshmallow fondant (MMF) is apparently a pretty new/novel concept in these here parts… A friend/colleague of mine, a master baker, was surprised to learn about it and immediately demanded a demo!

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